Friday, November 02, 2007

Pot. News Reverts To Form --- Endorses Tax-And-Spender

Well, I guess it was inevitable: note that something good is done, and you're rewarded with idiocy.

Today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News" endorsed Sharon Pandak for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors.

It's hardly a surprise: unbridled development brings to the County more people, and hopes for increased circulation. Of course that's what the Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News" wants.

But what's most amazing are the serial idiocies in the endorsement. The endorsement reads like a virtual litany of campaign talking points from the Pandak campaign. Incumbent Board Chairman Corey Stewart is condemned because of "graaandstanding" [envision The Whiners from SNL]. It's apparently "graaandstanding" because, during the debate on the resolution regarding illegal immigrants a few weeks ago --- perhaps the biggest news event in the County since the trial of the Beltway snipers, or the Bobbitts --- Stewart didn't ignore the CNN crew that appeared to interview him.

In a county with the John Jenkins Neighborhood Park, the Hilda Barg Center for Homeless Prevention, the Sean T. Connaughton Community Plaza, and the Kathy Seefeldt Parkway, that's a rather bold charge. At least Stewart hasn't had the gall to put his name on anything since he's been in office.

Oh, and he is "diviiiiding our community" [whine]. Dividing it how? Apparently, by wanting to enforce the law against scofflaws (which the Fishwrap describes as "championing a resolution that did very little"... but which the Fishwrap opposed anyway.

Oh, and the one that is only intimated: by not going along to get along with County bureaucrats and their efforts to increase the size of government. The Fishwrap codeword for this is that Pandak "clearly understands the importance of an effective county staff," and that she will "bring consensus" [read: do whatever big government advocates tell her to do].

And here's the funniest one of all, in a journal that was a virtual mouthpiece for the ambitions of Stewart's predecessor: he "has clearly worshiped at the altar of his own ambitions."

As evidence, the paper cites Stewart's mailing of a postcard, using his Supervisor's Discretionary Fund (which the paper has never managed to complain about in the past, when other Supervisors were using it to buy votes) to inform County citizens about the impending vote on the resolution. Three individuals who opposed it thanked him for doing so. Apparently, Stewart is to be condemned because he "sent out a mailer to county residents" with "his name in big, bold letters." The Fishwrap calls it an "advertisement," though of course, if a tax-and-spender had done the same thing, it would have been called a "notice."

But "clearly worshiped at the altar of his own ambitions"?!?!?

Yeah. Like that's ever bothered the editors of the Fishwrap in the past.


Kurt said...

Let’s examine Stewart’s judgement, character, and leadership.

Last February 24th I gently asked he remove his campaign sign still up, illegally, on the Dale Blvd ramp. It took him over seven weeks to get it removed. Stewart has yet to personally acknowledge it or apologize. Poor judgement and character, to me.

In March, Stewart threatened a County lawsuit against the State over transportation funding. In May he called it off, claiming he caused the General Assembly to take care of business. All the Delegates (R) I wrote replied his threat had nothing to do with their actions. Somebody’s lying. Also, turns out Stewart never discussed the plan with his fellow BOCS members.

His judgement and character in straying from the BOCS-approved position while testifying before a Congress on September 6th is questionable at best. There’s a trust issue there for Stewart’s BOCS teammates, as those of us with bosses who testify know well, and as Supervisor Nohe (R) indicated (September 16 Washington Post).

Proffer increases were his #1 campaign promise last year, with nothing done yet. He’s promising and pushing it again in this campaign season. A true politician’s judgement and character.

No matter your position on the illegal immigration resolution driven by Supervisors Stirrup and Covington, it will be interesting to see if Stewart treats any other $2.5M annual budget items so trivially with such political abandon as he did during the Chief’s September 18th BOCS presentation.

In December 2005 then-Supervisor Stewart cast the only vote against the IDI development, his anti-developer stance on the record. Yet on June 14, 2007 Chairman Stewart was smiling in the ground-breaking photo. You decide – hypocrisy, flip-flop, political correctness, or principled judgement?

I’ve lived in PWC for 23 years. Relationships within the BOCS, with the School Board, and across the community have never been more divisive as this past year under Stewart’s chairmanship, absent leadership.

The September 16th Washington Post stated “Stewart has never been shy about his ambition to higher elected office.” Given his repeatedly demonstrated, and documented, track record over just 10 short months, it’s obvious Stewart’s words and actions are much more about his political aspirations and less about the interests of PWC.

Forget religious and political party affiliations, and sensational campaign sound bites. Using my best judgement, I can’t vote for Corey, Cletis.

One Smart Gay Christian said...

I am tired of Republicans always raising my taxes...or user fees or some such thing. I always pay more even though there are all these Republicans in City Council and on Board of Supervisores and in the General Assembly and in the Congress. So please, don't lie that Republicans don't increase what I have to pay to government.