Friday, November 02, 2007

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

According to today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News," Paul Nichols got around to condemning the illegal flier distributed in the 51st District, smearing GOP candidate Faisal Gill. There's no link, but the story appears on page A4 of today's edition, under the headline "Nichols denounces anti-Gill flier, claims no involvement. It appears that the press conference took place a day after Nichols' initial comments.

Of course, that wasn't his first reaction.

And if you read the story, nowhere does Nichols actually condemn the illegal act of distributing campaign literature without an "Authorized by" line. Instead, Nichols once again denies involvement, and claims victim status because Gill has alleged that it is Nichols and/or his far-Left backers who are behind the smear.

Now I really understand what that phrase in the headline means.

Perhaps the headline-writer should have actually read the story before writing a headline which suggests that Nichols and House of Delegates Democrat Caucus leader Brian Moran had said what he/she wishes they had said.

And what he should have said.

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