Thursday, November 01, 2007

Desperate Dems And Their Serial Lies

Today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, Potomac News, had a front-page story about the latest evidence of increasing Democrat desperation in the face of the impending GOP onslaught.

According to the Pot. News, an illegal and scurrilous flier has been distributed in the Lake Ridge portion of the 51st District to smear Republican nominee Faisal Gill. Of course, leave it to that journal to get the facts wrong: it says that Lucas "filed an appeal [from her loss at the 51st District GOP Convention] and it was denied."

Actually, Lucas filed two appeals, and both were denied, the second, unanimously, by the Eleventh Congressional District Republican Committee.

Revealingly, Democrat candidate Paul Nichols doesn't condemn the flier. And, of course, he plays the "Not me!" game, claiming that "it was something that I decided I wasn't going to get into." Not that he minds of his minions do get into it; I have specifically heard Nichols' supporters repeating these scurrilous charges.

I will admit that I used to think more of Nichols than this. Yet he has failed even to condemn the blatant violation of campaign laws evident in its distribution. Let alone the sleaziness of the attacks.

Never mind that it's abundantly clear that it's distributor is a psychotic who can't pay attention to the evidence, and wants to promote his or her views contrary to the evidence.

Sounds a lot like a Democrat to me. Or, at best, a Republican who's not and never been much of one.

On second thought, it could easily be a member of Lucas' "Brain Trust."

You know: the guys who couldn't preserve Lucas' rights to appeal by following the rules and tried to game the system every bit as much as they wrongly claim Gill did. Having miserably failed to present a qualified candidate, they've made it quite clear that their only goal is sliming a well-qualified GOP candidate.

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