Sunday, November 11, 2007

Enabling Comment Moderation

I hate anonymity. I particularly hate it this week, when a friend and a good man was denied a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates (the margin was 499 votes) mainly because of the cowardly and largely anonymous/pseudonymous smear campaign run against him.

And yeah, yeah, it was good enough for Publius. However, none of the cowardly lurkers in the Virginia blogosphere would pass for Hamilton, Jay, or Madison. Not even George Hamilton.

I don't expect to effect a sea change in the Virginia blogosphere because of my decision. For one thing, not enough people read my rantings to make much of a difference. Even fewer agree with them.

So I'm initiating comment moderation. If you sign your name on your comment, and it's not a personal attack on me or someone else, chances are almost 100% that it will appear. I don't mind if you disagree with me; I don't have to allow you to do so here if you choose to hide your biases and your history. If you don't sign your name, I reserve the unfettered discretion to approve it, or not, as I see fit.

If you don't like it, tough. My space. My rules. I live by my own standards, never making an anonymous or pseudonymous comment anywhere. Usually, I am rewarded with a personal attack, or some kind of peurile misrepresentation about me or my record by some blowhard who hides his or her identity so I can't respond in kind. However, here, in this space, I will require that you live by my rules and standards. I require nothing more. I will accept nothing less.

It's good to be the King.


James Landrith said...

James (nice first name by the way),

I appreciate that you use your real name when posting comments. I've been the same way since 1996 in discussion forums and on blogs - including my own.

I cannot stand having a heated discussion with an anonymous coward. My record is available to all with a quick Google and my credibility has been established. While you and I probably disagree on a lot things related to our own ideological stances (I am a radical libertarian), we can at least agree on this - man up if you make the comment.

Unsigned comments are not worthy of consideration and anonymous posters are lacking in credibility.

I seldom tolerate such posters on my own property, unless I'm using said poster to make an interesting point.

James Landrith
Online publisher since 1997
Blogger since 2002

James Young said...

I don't mind honest disagreement, James. Love it, in fact. I have a lot more respect for an honest Liberal than I do for those on my own "side" of the political divide whose primary characteristic seems to be deviousness.

James Landrith said...

Yeah, I hear you. I'd rather have a nice, heated debate with an honest liberal or conservative, than a dishonest, faking it, wannabe libertarian or LINO.