Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What To Expect Next?

With last night's election returns, a natural question is "What to expect next?"

Democrat George "That's all we need to know" Barker defeated incumbent Republican Senator Jay O'Brien, with a mandate to do nothing but repeal abusive driver fees. He otherwise carefully hid his crypto-Socialist, pro-radical homosexual agenda, and should be savaged when he tries to pursue it.

Incumbent Republican Supervisor Mike May (Occoquan) handily defeated Republican/Democrat/Independent/Whatever John Gray by a 2-1 margin, though oddly, the headline in today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News" reads "Supervisor May edges indy challenge of Gray." Huh?

Incumbent School Board member Julie Lucas (Neabsco) received 71% of the vote over two rivals. There's an old saying in politics that "You can't beat somebody with nobody." Young's Corollary: "You can't beat somebody with two insane people." Word is that an arrest warrant was issued for one of her opponents on Election Day. Curiouser and curiouser.

Also a big winner was Gainesville District Supervisor John Stirrup, over Democrat Corey Riley. Aside from the confusion which would have resulted from two Corey's on the Board of County Supervisor, this result should lay to rest any talk that Stirrup is more of a show horse than a work horse (like the equestrian reference, John?).

Democrat Paul Nichols barely defeated Republican Faisal Gill in the 51st House of Delegates district, calling him "an honorable man" in today's Daily Fishwrap ... er, "Potomac News." Given the breadth of Nichols' law practice, and the fact that he attacked Faisal for practicing immigration law, he will be unable to vote on a majority of matters regarding criminal and family law that might come before the legislature. Oh, yeah: and he wants to bring Metro to Prince William. Best of luck with that.

And given Nichols' silence in the face of the smear campaign against Faisal --- and active employment of those engaged in it --- one wonders about the sincerity of the comment. One might believe that it would have been "honorable" to denounce it ... and discipline any supporter involved in it.

Republican Corey Stewart won a resounding victory over Democrat Sharon Pandak for Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. This outcome, coupled with others in the region, may demonstrate that, while sleazy attacks (see Faisal Gill) and outrights lies (see Barker/Colgan/Brown campaign against Governor Timmy's! abusive driver fees only for Virginians) work for Democrats, whining does not.

See, former Chairman Sean: you can actually do something (other than promote your own ambitions for statewide office) as BOCS Chairman! And get a mandate for doing so.


Patriot Games said...

Bitter, party of one. Your table is ready.

In time, I suspect that even you will come to realize that country comes before party. And in this case, ensuring that a miscreant like Faisal Gill had no place in the legislature. We're better off with Paul Nichols.

James Young said...


The only miscreants participating in this process, "patriot games," are sleazy cowards like you.

The arrogance to posture as putting "country before party" while lacking the courage to ascribe your name to your smears is an odd --- indeed, slapstick --- combination.

Especially when what you're really doing is putting your petite personal grievances over anything larger than yourself, and hiding your identity so that those aware of your petite personal grievances cannot expose them.

Kurt said...

James Young states that BOCS Chairman re-elect Stewart got a mandate for doing so. Not sure what Mr. Young really means by a "mandate" but it should be pointed out that fewer than 16% of Prince Willam County registered voters. That would be 30.318 votes out of 192,021 registered voters. Hardly a mandate in most people's terms! So much for Mr. Young's credibility.

James Young said...

"Credibility," "Kurt"? Would that be Doehnert, I wonder?

Credibility compared to whom? Someone who doesn't sign his full name to his posts (gotta figure out a way to fix that) and who, if he is who I believe him to be, has been on the wrong side of virtually every issue in the last twelve years?

The world is run by those who show up. Corey may have won less than "16% of Prince Willam County registered voters," but he won 100% of the office of BOCS Chairman, and by a comfortable margin.

But facts never stop Dems from trying to delegitimize GOP victories. And "credibility" with the likes of them is something I neither desire, nor much care about.

Kurt said...

Affirmative - Kurt Doehnert. By the way James "I lost more elections than PWC defeated meals tax referendums" Young, for your record, I am NOT a Democrat nor a Republican - I voted for Scott L. (R) and for Sharon P. (D) - and am happy to legitimize other GOP victories such as Supervisor Nohe's. So in the future, please refer to me accordingly. Thank you sir. Oh, and great come-back with the he won 100% of the office comment - way to avoid the "mandate' question and the real voter data with a nifty one-liner - and to miss the whole point of my letter which was to try and get more and more informed voters out. happy New year.

Kurt Doehnert
Dale City VA

James Young said...

Uh, Kurt, I lost two election. Your ever-so-precious meals tax lost THREE times. Given your pretensions, I would expect you to do better than that with the facts. Given your bitterness, I don't.

I'm glad to hear that you voted for Scott (this time? What about last? Or the time before that?), but it surprises me not at all that you like "Big Marty," who will blow with the wind to stay in office. Citing him as a Republican credential detracts from, not adds to, your comment about Scott.

And by the by, just because you don't like my response doesn't mean I've "avoid[ed]" the question.

Kurt said...

Ooops - my bad on the election losses comparison (did that include GOP primaries too?) - apology extended.

Don't actually recall if I voted for Scott L. previously, but I believe so. Regardless, I'm not trying to establish a Republican "credential" for myself - simply conveying that I am not a Democrat (nor a Republican), so request you not refer to me as such. Thanks.

So then, do you consider an election in which a) only 30% of registered voters turn out, and b) 54% of the voters voted for a given candidate to be a "mandate" for that candidate - yes or no?

Also curious to know why y'all in the PWC GOP didn't put somebody up against "Big Marty" in a primary???

Kurt Doehnert