Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fourth Amendment Repealed!

Well, that's what the loons at Special Privilege ... er, "Equality Loudoun" seem to think. They allege that sodomy laws which have been part of Anglo-American law for centuries somehow "permit[] law enforcement officers to force their way into private bedrooms and arrest people for having [perverse] consensual sex."

Of course, that's nonsense. Even before the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional laws which predated and coexisted with the Constitution for most of the history of the Republic, law enforcement officers were not "forc[ing] their way into private bedrooms and arrest[ing] people for having [perverse] consensual sex."

Even in Bowers v. Hardwick (1986), in which the unfortunately-named Mr. Hardwick was arrested in flagrante delicto in a bedroom, there was no dispute that the officers were lawfully there, having lawfully appeared at a party to serve a lawful warrant, and having been directed to the bedroom by others in attendance. Probably thought it was funny. Even then, Hardwick was not prosecuted for his perverse act, and actually pursued a declaratory judgment action to get the case before the Supreme Court.

Of course, the truth is a little more complicated than the glib rhetoric of partisans for the radical homosexual agenda.

And of course, it's little surprise that people who don't understand the word "marriage" are using fanciful hyperbolic misrepresentation to support their agenda.

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