Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You Call This "Independence"?!?!

According to a report in today's Congressional Quarterly, Senator Jim Webb (D-WaPo) --- along with two other freshmen elected from Conservative states --- is more "independent" than his colleagues.

It seems that Senator Thinskin ... er, Webb, votes with his colleagues in the Democrat caucus "only" 90% of the time, while other Democratic freshmen have voted with a majority of the members of their party more than 95 percent of the time.

When even Lowell Fulk can figure out that this is a pretty low standard for "independence," you know that it's obviously a poor choice of words.

H/T to Raising Dough ... er, "Raising Kaine."


La Cuoca said...

Very interesting blog kiss kiss

James Young said...

An Italian reader?!?! Salud!

Alice said...

If you are going to play that game it should be Jim Webb (D-TimeWarner).

James Young said...

I don't get that, Alice; then again, I picked up the reference I used from Jim Riley. Explain?