Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lucy Beauchamp Betrays GOP

Huge surprise. No link is yet available to the Washington Post Prince William Extra article.

Charles has a great analysis here. Not much to add to this.

Greg notes it here.

Good riddance.

Oddly, the trait... er, "candidate's" website still attempts to portray her as a Republican, with the GOP elephant logo featured prominently.

A number of questions are raised. The front page of her website has a picture of Beauchamp with Glen Hill and Maureen Caddigan. While Hill has no history on the issue of party loyalty, Caddigan does, and it's not impressive: in 1999, she publicly endorsed Democrat Kathy Seefeldt over Republican Sean Connaughton, though one wonders if many will remember this fact.

One also wonders whether Maureen Caddigan will sign a pledge to support all Republican nominees in the ensuing election and, if not, whether she will be qualified for the Republican primary ballot. I hope that she does, in light of her challenger's virtually nonexistent credentials.

Furthermore, Beauchamp has a page listing a number of Republican officeholders as endorsees. With they demand that their names be removed?


BDB said...

Why don't we take our fight here, since I'll probably be banned along with you from BVBL?

James Young said...

You can read anything you want. You can even make any comment you want, as long as you behave. You'll find I won't tolerate your childish bullshit here, as Greg does. Because, quite simply, I don't have to. If you grow up, Steve, you're welcome here. But don't expect me to pretend that you're a Republican

BDB said...

Maybe since we are old school chums, we can have a civil debate.

Professor Jay said...

Running as an "independent" is a losing position from the outset. Lucy Beauchamp is finished in politics.