Sunday, April 15, 2007

Giving Aid And Comfort To The Enemy

Well, once again, Senator Arlen Specter (R(?)-PA) demonstrates that one's origin in proximity to Independence Hall is insufficient to cause understanding of the documents written there.

Today, he apparently favored us with the suggestion that the eight U.S. Attorneys fired by the President should be reinstated by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. According to Specter, "If he was wrong, replacement -- reinstatement wouldn't be a bad idea if it could be done administratively.''

Presumably, even Specter knows enough about the Constitution to understand that it cannot be "done administratively," and that they cannot be put back into those offices absent reappointment by the President and confirmation by the Senate.

Not so with at least one blogosphere Lefty, who demonstrates why the far Left cannot be trusted with small children, sharp objects, and the Constitution.


Charles said...

And what's supposed to happen to the 8 people who currently hold those jobs? Are they supposed to be summarily fired for political reasons even though they all have outstanding performance ratings?

Steve Rankin said...

Specter, of course, started as a Democrat. He switched to the Republicans while he was still Philadelphia DA and was defeated for re-election. After losing several statewide races, he was elected senator in the 1980 Reagan landslide.

Pennsylvania has party registration. In 2004, several thousand union members switched from Democrat to Republican so they could vote for Specter in the GOP primary. Aided also by President Bush's and Sen. Santorum's backing, Specter beat conservative Rep. Pat Toomey, 51% to 49%.

I note that the 4th Circuit opted to forgo oral arguments in the open-primary case. When do you expect a ruling in this case?

What's happened to Cory Chandler? I see that his blog "Shrieks from the Booby Hatch" has been taken down. I was anticipating his further commentary on the open-primary case.

~~ Steve Rankin
Jackson, Mississippi
Free Citizen