Thursday, February 22, 2007

When Democrats Attack!

Michelle Malkin has a more detailed scoop on the political terrorist here.


It seems that the suspect, Andrew Jefferson Stone, has a facebook entry in which he opines that:
Face it. The GOP is the party of the cowardly. And all fucking cowards will fucking hang.

Also, when they aren't wetting their pants over a code-red alert from boy George, Republicans are actively fucking little boys. All of them, no exceptions.
Wow! I guess Andrew missed the briefing where perversion promotion was made part of the Democrat agenda.

However, if he is convicted on the pending charges, I suspect that it is he who will be on the receiving end of what he attributes to Republicans.

Justice would suggest that he should spend some quality time with the biggest bull queer in Mecklenburg.


Jack Landers said...

Wow - I bet they'll overturn the election results now! George Allen will go back to the Senate and Trent Lott will be Majority Leader.

Clearly the obscure political opinions of some random weirdo make it ok to physically attack him for asking a difficult question of a political candidate.

Nah, this is way too little, way too late. If I were in your shoes, I'd stop trying to re-fight those petty, dead battles from last fall and focus on the present and future of the VA GOP.

James Young said...

Uh, Jack, what in the HELL are you talking about?!?!?

The assault occurred last week, and it was not an assault of a political candidate, or because he was "asking a difficult question of a political candidate." This "random weirdo" has been one for some time, and a Democrat one. He showed up at a Republican student's home, and (allegedly) physically assaulted him. You might want to familiarize yourself with the facts at hand before reflexively attacking and making a fool out of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting (and disappointed, so far) for your take on Tom Spahn's "cease and desist" letter to Black Velvet Bruce Li regarding BVBL's series on the Rack and Roll pool bar.

James Young said...

Take your complaint to Greggy, Anon 2:59. He doesn't allow me access to his website, because I won't mark in lockstep in his effort to smear Faisal Gill with innuendo and guilt-by-association. Hence, I don't know the facts of which you speak, or Greg's comment on them.

Tom Spahn is, however, a fine attorney.

Charles said...

Most of the men having "gay sex" in prison are not actuall gay, or queer. They just like sex so much they are willing to engage in it with people of the same sex.

Oddly, this is not seen at all as a repudiation of the concept of gay sex being the result of a genetic predisposition, rather than simple environmental conditioning.

But don't try to take that argument to it's conclusion and suggest that most of the nation's criminals are gay.

Being a liberal is much easier than being conservative, because your ideas don't have to make any sense, OR work.