Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Far Left Insanity

According to Waldo, an organization fraudulently touting itself as the "Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance" is floating a referendum which would void any marriage which does not produce children within three years.

I suppose there might be enough homosexuals, homophiliacs, and partisans for the radical homosexual agenda to get this on the ballot. But one hopes that the voters of Washington are sensible enough to reject it for the far Left BS that it is.

On the other hand, perhaps this is a good thing. If the attack on marriage hasn't been enough, perhaps this will finally wake up those who still deny the existence of a Culture War. I confess that I used to be one of them.

What is truly amazing is that the far Left is so used to advancing its agenda without opposition, that its partisans express incredulity at those who dare to engage in the battle.


James Atticus Bowden said...

Where would this appear on a ballot?

James Young said...

Washington state.