Saturday, February 17, 2007

Prince William Lincoln-Reagan Dinner

Great event, but Bryanna Altman came up to tell me of a rather odd ticket request she received.

Apparently, after the deadline to purchase tickets had passed, she was contacted by a "Jonathan Mark," requesting a ticket. When told the only seat available was one next to me --- which was silly; there were no assigned seats --- "Mark" declined.

Rejected by Democrats and Republicans alike. Interesting.

UPDATE: Jonathan has posted a "response" here, in which he confirms the essential facts, but claims that he was rejected for submitting a ticket request after the deadline had passed. Of course, he also makes another smear, refering to "Gill's jihadist supporters." I don't know any "jihadist supporters" among Gill's; the only ones that appear to exist are in the cloudcuckoo land of Mark's fertile and far-Left imagination.

And BTW, only a fool believes that Jonathan Mark concerns himself over whether anything "damages the statewide Republican ticket in 2007."

UPDATE II: Aww, little Jackie doesn't like my taste in music. I guess when you lack any substance to attack someone, you have to resort to this. Not that lack of substance has stopped little Jackie's creative fictions about Faisal Gill.

Well, big, fat hairy deal. My tastes are rather eclectic. Like them, or not. Don't really much care. But it's entirely fiction to suggest that I like now, or ever liked, REO Speedwagon. Of course, we do learn something about Mark. He says he was a "lad of 24 in 1977," meaning he was born in 1953, and therefore, that it is highly likely that his delusions result from participation in the drug culture of the late 1960s and 1970s.


Anonymous said...

"Young's sainted Styx"

At first I thought he meant Dennis DeYoung...

James Young said...

It's curious. I wonder where he came up with "sainted"? I like them, sure, but I'm much more likely to go to a Bruce Hornsby concert (three times, so far). I guess it's overstatement for purposes of belittlement. Never had much use for Bob Dylan; I suspect that little Jackie's affinity is more for political reasons. I tend to focus on musicianship; hence, my list (including Hornsby, whose lyrics reflect Liberalism --- especially "The End of the Innocence" --- but is an excellent musician).

And actually, whenever I Google my name, I also come up with quite a few references to Styx guitarist James Young. Never had the solo career that DeYoung did.

jonathansamuel said...

Well, you listed the horrid Styx as one of your four favorite groups, so that made them "sainted."

I agree with you about Hornsby. He is worthy. His first album in 1986 had the drum machine turned up way too loud, however. Basically it was unlistenable for that reason. You had this brilliant pianist backed by a metronome. And the metronome was louder than the piano!

Dylan rarely discusses politics. I don't know if he is Republican or a Democrat. He had a great pro-Israel song called "Neighborhood Bully" but other than that I cannot think of anything political Dylan has sung since 1966 or so.

Lots of people like Dylan. It has nothing to do with politics. Perhaps you are confusing Dylan with Joan Baez who sang a lot of his song 40 years ago, or Peter, Paul and Mary who also did so.

Anonymous said...

I think I read something someplace sometime that Dylan was actually fairly conservative which shocked me.