Tuesday, February 13, 2007

John Cha-Ching!-Chester Kills Transportation Package

Others with more time than I have commented upon the shortcomings of the proposed transportation compromise offered by House Republicans. However, it was the best proposal on the table, short of spending the perennial surpluses on transportation. It was certainly preferable to anything offered by Governor Timmy! and Senate Republicans.

That is, of course, why His Lordship, Senator John Cha-Ching!-Chester had to kill it.

Here's what Governor Bill Bolling had to say:


February 13, 2007


- Lieutenant Governor criticizes decision to reject compromise transportation bill -

- Earlier today, the Senate’s Committee on Finance once again rejected the compromise transportation plan that had been approved by the House of Delegates. In its place, the Committee adopted a plan that would:

  • Use no existing general fund resources for transportation
  • Impose a new registration fee of $150 on all vehicles at the time they are first registered in Virginia, and
  • Increase the sales tax in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads.
In response to the Committee’s action, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling issued the following statement:

“Once again, I am extremely disappointed by the Senate Finance Committee’s decision to reject the compromise transportation plan offered by the House of Delegates. While the compromise plan is not perfect, it represents our best chance of getting something accomplished on transportation this year.”

“By adopting a plan that refuses to use any existing resources for transportation, the Committee has harmed our chances of reaching a transportation agreement. It makes no sense to ask the people of Virginia to pay higher taxes and fees at a time when state spending is increasing at historic levels.”

“By adopting a plan that would increase the sales tax in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, the Committee has shown a glaring disregard for the wishes of voters in those regions of the state who overwhelmingly rejected similar proposals in 2002. The voters expect their wishes to be respected, not ignored.”

“The problem in Richmond is not a lack of resources. The problem is a lack of fiscal discipline and a willingness to direct the resources we have to our highest priorities. If transportation is the most important issue currently facing Virginia that is where we should direct our money.”

“I remain hopeful that a transportation agreement can be reached before the end of the current legislative session. However, any such agreement must include the use of existing resources for transportation purposes, rather than simply imposing higher taxes and fees on the people of Virginia.”


Couldn't have said it better myself.

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Con Vallian said...

I chuckle to see that the GOP (Grand Old Preverts) in Richmond expect to solve the transportation problem in Virginia by tolls (thanks for that whisper of brillance Lingmafelller who thinks that Ronald Reagan is really honored by naming a road in PWC after him), and through additional gambling options.

And yet GOPers whine about Russ Potts??? Who is next, John Warner?

Reality check in this room, please.

But then, this is same group of Grand Old Preverts (remember Vance Wilkins???) who said we don't need a car tax. Took Democrats to take the lead and get the state out financial mess that Gilmore, who nows says he wants to run for President. He will fit right in with GWB about raising the debt our grandchildren have to pay.

Then GOPers like "If they aint born here ship them back" Jackson Miller raises Manassas city taxes while claiming he is anti-tax when he runs for the House of Delegates.

Oh, and poor Jackson. He "ain't wealthy" and so needs a raise in his legislator pay. Whine Whine Whine is all these GOPers do when they can't govern.

Liars and Damn Liars.