Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Democrat Party Attacks Democracy

Just a few days ago, the far Left blogosphere was abuzz over the President's use of the phrase "Democrat Party" in reference to the majority party in the House and Senate. Vivian Paige banned someone for doing so, and sparked a lengthy discussion. I wish I could provide a link, but I can't find the thread.

Now, from Virginia "Progressive," we have this, celebrating the introduction of the fraudulently-misnomered "Employee Free Choice Act." It is the top legislative priority of the AFL-CIO, and proposes to do away with the inconvenience of a secret-ballot election in order to impose monopoly bargaining on private-sector employees. It is co-sponsored by 230 House Democrats.

Tell me again what's "democratic" about the Democrat Party?


Liberal Pi said...

I believe the thread you're looking for can be found here...


James Young said...

Actually, "liberal pi," I was looking for and could not find Vivian's thread. But this reference will do. Thanks!

Liberal Pi said...

Found the one you were looking for perhaps.