Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bitterly Disappointing

It's official. Congressman Tom Davis is supporting the substanceless, Democrat-sponsored (but I repeat myself) "surge resolution."

Words fail me. For the first time since I've known him (and worked hard for his election, especially the first one), I am ashamed of a public act of my Congressman.

One wonders whether many Conservatives who frequently criticize Davis, but hold their noses and vote for him anyway, will be able to do so again.


Charles said...

He spent his entire speech attacking the resolution for the sham that it was. And then he said "Mister Speaker, we must decide, and I have decided, to support this resolution because it is the only option made in order by the Majority today to engage this House in the formulation of our Iraq policy".

When in fact it does nothing to "engage this house" in anything, much less "formulation of policy". I am profoundly dissappointed because he has taken a politically expedient position that will harm our troops for no purpose.

Citizen Tom said...

Good post!

Charles, I am dispointed too. If Davis spent his entire speech attacking the resolution, and then he voted for it, that makes his vote all the worse.

Davis acts like a weathercock. I don't what motivates him, but he definitely acts the part of a weathercock. In this case, I guess he could not figure out which way the wind was blowing so he pointed both ways.

Charles said...

I held out until the vote was official, hoping he would listen to reason.

But now that the vote is in, I officially announce my opposition to re-election for Tom Davis.

This isn't about politics, or about party -- it's about principle, about doing what is right, about supporting our troops and not the enemy.

Davis claimed in his speech that we shouldn't put 21,000 troops in between two sides of a civil war. But we aren't doing that, and we don't let house members dictate the specific tactics of war.

The surge seems to be working, and our troops seem to be back-filling in stable zones so the iraqi troops can stand in the breech between warring factions while we go through and clear out the insurgents.

And Tom Davis just voted a non-binding resolution opposing our troops.

Bye Bye, Tom. I put up with all sorts of stupid things from you, but this cannot be tolerated.