Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Democrats Shocked ---- Shocked! ---- About Politics In Judicial Nominations

It seems that a Republican Senator is being scored by the far Left for a conversation that he had with a candidate for a Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court judgship.

The boys and girls at Raising Dough ... er, "Raising Kaine," are shocked --- shocked! --- that politics plays a role in judicial nominations.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that Senator Nick Rerras dared to ask a potential nominee about her views on abortion, and referred to far Left feminists as "FemiNazis." Norfolk lawyer Mary G. Commander "was shocked, offended and embarrassed" by the conversation, and stated in a letter Rerras that "I know that I will never be able to pass your litmus test. My conscience, however, will not let me remain silent about what you have done."

However, Commander later revealed that she is unqualified for the bench, asserting that "
because judges do not make law, her personal views should be irrelevant."

Somebody hasn't been paying attention. No candidate to become a judge is qualified if he or she is so ignorant about the legal history of the last century or so that they would claim that "judges do not make law." Of course, the problem is that judges all too frequently "make law," and reactionary Liberals are doing their level best to insure that Conservatives are not put in a place to restore the law.

It is a measure of the arrogance of the far Left that they believe that a politician who asks a prospective judges views on abortion so-called "rights" is applying a "litmus test," but that a requirement that a prospective judge pledge fealty to Roe v. Wade is not a "litmus test."

Their faux outrage is equally disingenuous.


Anonymous said...

"errant" observations is probably an accurate description here. Juvenile and Domestic Relations judges do not ever have a say on abortion and never have to prove "fealty" to Roe v. Wade. And, if actually read the article to which you linked, outrage crossed party lines. However, you proved your own point: say something outrageous and people will react and you can say "look how smart I am, I'm nationally recognized."

James Young said...

Jealous, anon? So, "outrage crossed party lines"? I'm sure it did ... particularly among those Republicans who don't understand the nature of their rivals. While you are of course correct that "Juvenile and Domestic Relations judges do not ever have a say on abortion," that's really not the point. Of course, no judge should EVER have a say on abortion, since it's not a judicial issue.