Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Al Gore Wins An Oscar

Perhaps he's a seer. Perhaps he wants to save us from ourselves. Perhaps Al Gore knew about the horrendous effect Man is having on Mother Earth before any of us.

Or perhaps it's just another excuse --- with Socialism having been a dismal failure --- to increase the size and power of government over our lives.

Whatever. Al Gore has been anointed by the Hollywood glitterati, and won an Oscar.

It's only slightly less perverse than Roman Polanksi's.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore did not win an Oscar.

The Academy Award for Best Documentary is awarded to the Director of the film. In this case the winner was Davis Guggenheim.


James Young said...

Gee, Anon, that's a good point. I guess what you really mean to say is that Algore jumped up on the stage so he could bask in someone else's glory?

Anonymous said...

If you were watching the telecast, which I assume you were not, you would see that the award was announced, and Gore remained seated, as Guggenheim stood up and motioned for Gore, along with the rest of the production crew to come on stage. Guggenheim accepted the award, handed it to Gore, and asked him to say a few words.

I don't think it's fair to sum that up as "Algore [sic] jumped on the stage so he could bask in someone else's glory."

Here's the video:


Charles said...

also, Melissa Ethridge won an oscar for her song in the movie.

But somehow, Al Gore did now win as either writer or as an actor in the movie, despite the tremendous job he did of playing the part of the nutty professor.

Tom Paine said...

Now I didn't bother to watch the "Oscars" but I did see a replay of Al Gore's "announcement" on the news. If he'd shown that type of relaxed humor in 2000, the Supreme Court would not have been able to elect George Bush.

James Young said...

Tom, you need to cut back on the Kool-Aid.

Tom Paine said...

"Kool Aid..."? Man that's great coming from a Reed Larson disciple. I think you've got a lock on the Kool Aid formula, Bubba.

James Young said...

Nice ad hominem, "Tom." Not that it has anything to do with your utterly foolish assertion that "the Supreme Court ... elect[ed] George Bush." No, that was the American people, through the constitutional process. Indeed, they validated that election by awarding him, four years later, more votes than won by any other presidential candidate in American history. But Bush Derangement Syndrome has its own credos, we all know.

"Reed Larson 'disciple'"?!?!?! Only a moron who hides behind a pseudonym (precluding one from discovering for whom he or she is a "disciple") would make an accusation like that, since Reed Larson is neither so arrogant nor narcissistic as to require "disciples." Which makes him compare favorably to union bosses, who demand fealty to their many myths.

Of course, you also said that the Supreme Court elected George Bush, and apparently credit Al Gore's "global warming" claptrap, so I repeat myself. The only "disciple" on this thread is you, "Bubba."

Tom Paine said...

My, my my...Jimmy boy can dish it out but he just can't seem to take it.

Okay, I'll quit before he cries.

James Young said...

"Tommy" boy, reading your posts is like reading a union brief: lots of assertions of fantasy, with no basis in reality. And it always takes more space to refute BS than the BS itself.. I'd tell you to whine elsewhere, but I appreciate the traffic.