Thursday, December 07, 2006

There's Nothing Democratic About Democrats

Once again, the boys and girls over at Raising Dough ... er, Raising Kaine, demonstrate that Democrats are a bunch of phonies.

This time, they're advertising a rally for the absurdly misnomered "Employee Free Choice Act," which is actually legislation which would allow union bosses to avoid the inconvenience of a democratic election among workers to decide whether to unionize.

Now, it's not bad enough that Federal labor law allows a majority of those workers voting in an election to impose a union upon all workers in a bargaining unit (a little provision that required Congress to pass an exception to the anti-trust/anti-monopoly laws). Among the first despicable acts of what we can expect to be a despicable Democrat majority will be to pass a monstrosity of a law to allow union bosses to obtain monopoly representation power without a secret-ballot election.

And so, the anti-democratic ideology of modern Democrats is exposed for all to see. Of course, we all know of Democrats' behavior in Florida in 2000, some of which continues today. They didn't like the results of a free election, so they have done their best to delegitimize President Bush's victory. This effort simply re-confirms what any informed Americans know: Democrats don't like democracy, especially when it frustrates their Socialist agenda.

Of course, workers are subject to a great deal of pressure by union bosses. I have personally represented individuals who were told that signing a union card didn't obligate them (a lie), but merely was a vehicle for getting more information on the union. It was only when forced union dues was seized from their wages --- and they were told by the "representative" that they could not stop dues deductions for a year --- that they learned that this was a lie.

The misnomered "Employee Free Choice Act" is simply an invitation to fraud. Brought to you by those same "Democrats" who delegitimize elections they lose, brought you "Auto Fraudo" voter registration, and won't even require voters to display legitimate identification when they vote.

Nothing says more about the "Party of the People" than their continuing contempt for democratic processes.

For more information on this fraud-fraught attack on worker freedom, see here.

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