Thursday, December 28, 2006

Alton's Comment

Well, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth over Alton's comment that he would "piss on" the Koran. At least by Ben Tribbett.

As for me, I think not. But then again, I have too much respect for books to piss on any of them. Even Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto, Chairman Mao's Little Red Book, Das Kapital, It Takes A Village, or My Life.

Indeed, unlike the others, I might even read the Koran without being assigned to.

On the other hand, I hardly think it's worth beating the guy up over his comment.


Anonymous said...

Just so people know what Alton Foley wrote:

"I just read that myself Rose.

Actually a half empty box of Frosty Flakes is much more valuable to me. I can at least eat the Frosty Flakes, all I can do with the Koran is piss on it."
I'm Not Emeril | Homepage | 12.23.06 - 10:22 pm | #

I'm Not Emeril said...

I have read the Koran, most of it anyway. I have little use for it.

What was begun as a private joke between friends, a reference to the Korans in the toilet kerfuffle from the recent past, has gotten way more attention than it deserves.

Would I urinate on your Koran, of course not. But if one were given to me, (I would not buy one), it would certainly be that meaningless to me.