Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lucy Beauchamp --- Partisan for the Radical Homosexual Agenda?

One of the more fulfilling duties/powers of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Virginia is the privilege to perform marriages. One of the things that has made Dave Mabie a great Clerk is the fact that the only time of the year when he makes news is Valentine's Day, when he solemnizes quite a few marriages. No scandals; no malfeasance; just a Clerk whose duties include uniting a man and a woman on St. Valentine's Day.

Given that this is one of the powers of the office, one is entitled to take into account the Clerk's views on the radical homosexual agenda's effort to debase and redefine "marriage" to permit unions between two men, or two women, or whatever.

I don't know if it is true --- certainly, it is a question that could be answered here --- but I was told yesterday that Lucy Beauchamp, who is seeking the GOP nomination for Clerk of the Circuit Court in the upcoming election, opposed this year's Amendment No. 1, more popularly known as the Marshall-Newman Marriage Amendment. Of course, I note this with the caveat that this was not backed up by any evidence, and I saw none to indicate her views one way or the other during the campaign.

If this is the case, it should disqualify her as a serious candidate for the GOP nomination. Not that there's not enough already to do so: her reflexive support for higher taxes; the fact that she twice unsuccessfully sought the GOP endorsement for School Board Chairman (once, unopposed), and could not obtain it. Nevertheless, if her personal views on homosexual "marriage" mean that she might use her office to advance the radical homosexual agenda, then the GOP can obviously do better than to award her its nomination for the office.

I look forward to finding out if this is the case, though Michele McQuigg already has and will continue to have the support of the Youngs.


David Kobulnicky said...

I think it's obvious Ms. Beauchamp is only a "Republican" because of the superior electoral organization the party has in the county. I've heard that she's basically being run of the school board by it's new members who've tired of her domineering attitude on the committee.

NoVA Scout said...

Maybe she's a well-grounded political conservative who felt it was an affront to constitutional principles to throw a redundant, expansively drafted legislative bit into one of the nation's most historic constitutional documents. If so, you probably don't have to worry that she'll defy Virginia law by using the Clerk's position to secretly marry same-sex couples. I just throw that out so that you don't have to worry yourself unnecessarily.

James Young said...

And maybe someday "NoVA Scout" will stop hiding behind a pseudonym.

Then again, maybe she's just a Liberal who --- like most --- so hungers for political power that she tries to redefine "conservative" to reflect her radical leanings.

I'm holding my breath for neither occurrence.

James Young said...

And one more thing: "NoVA Scout" presumes a degree of analytical competence to which virtually no one involved in PWC government would attest.