Sunday, December 03, 2006

Occoquan Supervisor Race

Well, after a considerable break for professional and familial obligations (I spent a very depressing Election Night in possibly the worst place for a Conservative on a bad Republican night: Boston), I'm trying to get back into the blogging swing of things, and the first race I'll address is the one to replace Corey Stewart as Occoquan District Supervisor.

For the Republicans, of course, the race is between Stewart-endorsed Mike May and John Gray. May previously ran in the five-way GOP race in 2003, losing the GOP nomination to Corey Stewart. He is closely associated with Congressman Tom Davis.

Gray, of course, also ran in 2003, for the Democrat nomination, losing to Keith Scarborough, who went on to defeat in the General election. Gray reemerged in 2006, running for the GOP nomination for Chairman against Corey Stewart.

While I wasn't at the Convention, having a long-scheduled vacation to Canada, by all reports, Gray conducted himself with considerably more dignity than some of his supporters, took his loss well, and worked hard to elect Stewart as Chairman. Hence (perhaps), Stewart's enthusiasm for Gray's nomination as his successor.

It's been twelve years since the Youngs moved from Occoquan to Dumfries, and I don't pretend to know the dynamics of this race, or of the current Occoquan electorate. I've seen plenty of Gray signs on the way to church. But I don't sense much enthusiasm for either candidate among GOP regulars.

It seems that, on the other side of the aisle, the fix was in for Jeff Dion, a political neophyte. There was initially much speculation that Occoquan Mayor Earnie Porta would run, but it appears that he's keeping his powder dry for the House seat to be vacated by long-time incumbent Michele McQuigg, who is by far the best candidate running to succeed Dave Mabie as Clerk of the Court.

This could get very interesting. I attend church (St. Matthew's Lutheran, in Lake Ridge) with Dion, along with his ex-wife and their two children. I've actually been to his home, for a "Tables of Eight" event with two other couples, Dion, and his "significant other." So I've "broken bread" with him in more than one sense.

The Democrats have made a huge mistake. Dion's nomination will, however, give proof to the worst beliefs that Republicans hold about the Democrat Party and its far-Left agenda.

CORRECTION: It has been reported to me that Corey Stewart has endorsed Mike May for his former seat. While I have not confirmed this with Corey, it should be noted that my statement above was apparently a misimpression.


Anonymous said...

It's "Democratic" nomination, thank you. We don't call it the Republic Party, do us the courtesy of getting the name right.

James Young said...

There's little that's "democratic" about the Democrat Party.

And BTW, what you do call us is offensive enough, thank you very much.

Mason Conservative said...

Rush was talking about this, how Democrats just get into a frenzy over being called the "Democrat" party. I believed one of the guys from Raising Kaine confronted Bill Bolling with this.

If your Democrats, doesn't that make you the Democrat Party?

If your Republicans, your the Republican Party.

I've always found it weird.

f mcdonald said...

The guy who went on and on and on about what he perceived as a Bill Bolling insult to Democrat/ics everywhere was one of Jim Webb's campaign personnel. The event was the Martinsville Bloggers conference. It was a petty, contrived diatribe and embarrassing for the conference participants.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with Dion? "Significant other"? Sounds like you are trying to tell us something without actually saying it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if someone switched teams mid-game.