Friday, December 29, 2006

Jaded JD Leaves The Anonymity Closet

It seems that, over the holidays, I initially missed the fact that the Jaded JD has left the anonymity/pseudonymity closet, and revealed himself (well, mainly) as Cory Chandler, now operating one of the more creatively-named (and perhaps honestly-named) blogs out there, Shrieks from the Booby Hatch.

While providing interesting and informed commentary on the lawsuit challenging Virginia's open primary practices in his former incarnation (he continues reporting on developments as the case is appealed), he also offered a series of ultimately meritless commentaries on the ethics (or lack thereof) of Steve Chapman's attorneys, all now lost to the blogosphere. That JD, or Chandler, or whoever, was so excited about the filing of bar charges --- anyone, even a stranger to the controversy (as in this case) can file a bar charge --- is one reason why I wasn't too excited about media reports that such charges were pending against the prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case ... until I read the stories and it was reported that the North Carolina Bar is proceeding on them.

As to the latter, one hopes that a greater degree of circumspection will accompany his abandonment of his anonymity/pseudonymity.

If abandon it he has. One searches the Internet in vain to find web pages which seem to identify "Cory Chandler" and "attorney" in reference to him in other than the blogging context. has no reference, and Westlaw indicates no reported Federal or Virginia cases with his appearance noted. He has said in at least one place that "it is sobriquet for something else," but (which is not an exhaustive listing of attorneys by any means) lists only two "Chandlers" in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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