Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blogroll Update

A few weeks ago, I was considering an update to my blogroll. After all, there are a few worthies who should be there, some who may have even earned it, and some who should just be dropped. In particular, there was one reference that I thought was outdated.

Specifically, I considered removing my bon mot about "Sean Connaughton's Cult of Personality ... er, 'Too Conservative.'"

Then I came across this.

As Rush Limbaugh frequently observes about the Left, "Folks, I couldn't make this stuff up."

UPDATE: And this. Perhaps MC's comment says it all.


James E. Martin said...

You listen to the idiot of the Right? and quote him... wow!

spankthatdonkey said...

I would hope you would consider blogrolling GGD... The left is looking to silence him..

and you know that says something..

James Young said...

I rarely quote Vince, Jim.

As for GDD, STD, I have a problem with pseudonymous/anonymous political blogs.

spankthatdonkey said...

I share that same thought but more towards anonymous posters...

They really irk me... But anonymous bloggers, can have their place...

Here lately, poor banned GGD has been accused of political pornography.... and answers with this


too conservative said...

WHat can I say, Sean's great!