Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So Now She Reveals the Real Point

Turns out anti-war bimbo Cindy Sheehan didn't want to meet with the President, after all.

Her real purpose was to "galvanize[] the peace movement."

And she calls the President a "liar"?!?!?!

I wonder if the so-called mainsteam media will give this statement as much attention as her anti-Bush pronouncements?

Well .... not really.


Sorrel said...

I'm a lot closer to Bush than I am to Ms. Sheehan. But I have some very good advice for all of us: She lost a son in the war. Cut her some slack. "Bimbo", "liar", reflect more negatively on us than on her. If she wants to bay at the moon, let her. Let's keep a respecful silence. She's entitled. Her son is dead.

James Young said...

Certainly, there is legitimate argument as to the value of maintaining dignity in the political fray. Unfortunately, among the masses, maintaining dignity by not responding in kind is frequently misinterpreted/misrepresented as not having a response.

Sheehan has turned her son's grave into a soapbox over an extended period of time from which she's has spouted vile rhetoric and far Left ideology. I think she's surrendered whatever "entitlement" she has to "some slack."

Frankly, if members of my family ever did that to me, I'd probably rise up out of the grave and slap 'em.

too conservative said...


Sorrel said...

It's very unlikely that you'll die for the Nation in Iraq, so don't worry too much about rising up from the grave. My point is that those of us who support a continued presence in Iraq (in my case it's because I believe it's the only realistic alternative, not because I think it was wise to go in) only amplify Ms. Sheehan by vilifying her. It is correct and smart to let her have her say and honor the fact that her son is dead in the service of the Nation.

Wade Moline said...

Problem sorrel is, she is NOT honoring her son, she honoring herself, and she does not speak the truth. She met with Bush in April and she said he seemed genuinely caring and concerned. So what changed her mind? Money! Fame!

Sorrel said...

Waderz: That's her problem, not ours. I'm trying to say that it is both correct and tactically intelligent to leave her alone. The wild language about her does her side more good than yours. Respectful silence has the advantage of being the correct human response and the correct political response. All this shrill, intemperate language about her is wrong. Cosnervaties don't have to charge every cape that's wiggled in front of them. Ask a lot of dead bulls.