Thursday, August 11, 2005

How Far Left Can She Go?

It seems that Leslie Byrne has gone on the warpath against Virginia's Right to Work law.

Given his failure to respond to a question asked by your intrepid correspondent at a Committee of 100 debate, one wonders whether a Connaughton candidacy for Lieutenant Governor wouldn't have produced accord on this issue.


Byrne calls it “right-to-be-poor law”

During an interview with the United Mine Workers of America in Castlewood, Virginia on August 8, 2005, the Democrat nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Leslie Byrne, called for the elimination of Virginia’s right-to-work law.

When Byrne was asked if she would support legislation to repeal the right-to-work law in Virginia, she responded, “Absolutely, I call it the right-to-be-poor law!” (Click here for audio of Byrne’s comment.)

Senator Bill Bolling, the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, quickly condemned Ms. Byrne’s proposal.

Ms. Byrne’s proposal to eliminate the right-to-work law solidifies her position as one of the most anti-business candidates to ever seek statewide office in Virginia,” Senator Bolling said. “The right-to-work law is an important part of our ability to attract new business and industry to Virginia and ensure a continuation of economic growth.”

The right-to-work law prohibits any employer from requiring compulsory union membership as a condition of employment. The right-to-work law also prevents any business or union from denying an employee the right to work if they choose to do so.

“Repealing the right-to-work law would endanger tens of thousands of jobs in Virginia,” Senator Bolling said. “The right-to-work law has enjoyed broad bi-partisan support for the past thirty years, and Ms. Byrne’s opposition to this important law is just another example of how far out of the mainstream she is.”

Representatives of major Virginia business organizations were also quick to criticize Ms. Byrne’s proposal.

"Leslie Byrne is on record saying she wants to repeal Virginia's cherished right-to-work law, a law supported by over 80% of Virginians and mainstream politicians from both parties in Virginia,” National Right to Work Committee, Vice President Doug Stafford said. “If Mrs. Byrne wants to take such an extremist position, siding with the union boss elite and against Virginia's workers, she will find that an extremely unpopular position with the voters of the Old Dominion."

"National Federation of Independent Business believes abolishing the right-to-work law, as Bill Bolling's opponent suggests, would severely undermine one of the pillars of Virginia's successful economy," NFIB/Virginia State Director Gordon Dixon said. "Virginia's small-business owners are alarmed at such rhetoric, which further demonstrates the clear difference between Bill Bolling's pro-business positions and his opponent's anti-business posture."

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Steven said...

You know, Yellow Dog Democrats constantly bark -- and enjoy chasing red cars and howling at the blue moon.

Yellow Dog LG candidate Byrne is barking up the wrong tree with advocating the repeal of the 'Right-to-Work Law" Even the state's AFL-CIO organization have politically surrendered the issue.

Maybe, too much hot sun? Leslie probably needs to sit in the Southern shade and have a glass of ice tea.

~ the blue dog