Friday, August 05, 2005

Novak Walks Off a CNN Set

Wonderful footage last night on Bob Novak's dramatic exit from a CNN show yesterday, after an attack by Clintonista James Carville.

I've gotta say that it's about time. Novak is subject to the same type of slanders and personal attacks that I frequently receive here and elsewhere (particularly on the late, lamented Capital Gang), and has almost never even dignified them with a response. In my specific recollection, far Lefties like Mark Shields, Al Hunt, and Margaret Carlson have all impugned his motives for supportint tax relief, and some have even suggested anti-Semitism.

His response was long overdue, and well-justified. One shouldn't have to sit back and silently take slanders from gnats.

UPDATE: Apparently, CNN has suspended Novak.

This is despicable. Carville and others have gotten away with their actions for years. Novak finally responds appropriately, and CNN suspends him.

And they wonder why Fox News has been whipping them in the ratings?

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