Monday, August 29, 2005

Bringing More New York to PWC?

A friend of mine at church this weekend reported to me about a recent new faculty orientation or fair for new County schoolteachers.

It seems that an independent, non-union teachers group was told at the last minute that it could not have its booth because it does not collect its dues (about $150 annually) through payroll deductions. However, the National Education Association affiliate, the PWEA (dues --- about $500 annually), was permitted to sign up new members at the fair.

This raises more than a few questions. Is our new Superintendent, whose last post was in New York, going to attempt to bring all the charms of New York public sector unionism to Prince William County?

And why is the County collecting dues for a labor union, or for any private organization, through payroll deductions? Virginia bars public employee bargaining, monopoly or otherwise. Why is the County acting as the collection agent for PWEA -- and probably PWFT, the other teachers union, too?

It's nice to discover a problem in our County that I don't have to attribute to Sean Connaughton.

Though it's certainly something that he could do something about, were he so inclined.

Given his attempt to pander to unions in his answer to a question at the Committee of 100 debate for GOP candidates for Lt. Governor, I'm not holding my breath.

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