Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Attempting to Control the Terms of the Debate

Once again, an example of how the far Left attempts to seize control of the terms of the debate.

Came across this website, of a group which calls itself the Virginia Family Values PAC. In its "about us" section, it identifies the issues about which it is concerned:

Virginia Family Values is a non-partisan Virginia political action committee (VA 04-073) dedicated to promoting and protecting those values common to Virginia families, values like freedom and privacy, and working to remove from office those representatives who are anti-freedom, anti-privacy, and anti-family.

Those specific issues that Virginia Family Values has found to be most under attack and most in need of protection include:

  • The right of consenting adults to engage in any sexual activity that they see fit within the privacy of their own home.
  • Easy accessibility of basic methods of contraception to anybody who is sexually active, including condoms and the pill, among other pre-conception preventive measures.

To that end, Virginia Family Values is targeting several candidates, seeking to replace them in the primary stage or in the general election with a candidate – any candidate – who will uphold the rights of Virginia families. This will be accomplished by raising awareness of these candidates' record among the electorate and by providing contributions to these candidates' opponents.

Give 'em credit! I've never known homosexuality to be a "value" in any traditional family I've ever known, but then again, given the continuing effort to hijack the word "marriage," it's not surprising that far Lefties would want to camouflage their agenda as something it's not.

Not too much traffic, though. I suppose it's doubtful that I'll make much of a contribution with this post.

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