Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Chicken Little Reemerges

A few years back, I started referring to our estimable Governor as "the Boyish Governor." It was an homage to Mark Warner's youthful appearance, one of which -- I confess -- I'm somewhat jealous.

Sure, it didn't have the cachet of "Slick Willie," the moniker applied to Bill Clinton by Arkansas journalist Paul Greenberg, but it fit. OK, so Will Vehrs thought its use was "annoying," but it worked.

Now, I'm wondering whether "Chicken Little" might not be more appropriate. Today's Potomac News carries a story by Bob Lewis of the AP titled "Warner Paints Bleak Picture for Va. Finances."

Isn't this the same guy who precipitated a budget crises last year by saying tax increases were necessary? Isn't this the same guy whom history is proven wrong, with Virginia enjoying a budget surplus equal to or surpassing the value of his tax increases?

The simple fact is that we were scammed. An old Ronald Reagan quotation comes to mind: "There you go again."

Of course, tax apologist Senator John Chichester (RINO-Northumberland) disagrees, and says that Governor Chicken Little "isn't trying to say the sky is falling."

All evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

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Will Vehrs said...

Once the Blue Dog started overusing "Gov. Mollycoddle," I began to feel nostalgic for "boyish."

A lot of Virginia politicians are "Chicken Littles" right now. This surplus is killing their hopes for another tax increase. G