Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lucas Appeal At This Point Designed To Lose Race

Given all of the sturm und drang over Tom Kopko's nearly-two-month delay in deciding Julie Lucas' appeal attempting to overturn the results of the 51st District Convention, it is necessary to get ahead of the curve.

Lucas has now waited a week, but there is no hint that she will appeal from Kopko's ruling. Now that a decision has been made, further delay serves only the cloud the nominee, which is certainly the goal of the Gill-haters. Is it Lucas' goal? One could certainly make that case, based upon the lack of merit to her appeal.

If she appeals to the 11th Congressional District Committee at this point or later (she has thirty days), having temporized for a week, one is hard-pressed to conclude that her goal is other than to smear the nominee, given that it will force the appeal into prime campaign season.

I hope that she doesn't do so.

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Charles said...

Since she converted her web site back to her school board race, I am hoping she has decided to focus on winning that rather than continuing the ill-conceived appeal.

After all, most of her supporters agree that she needs to beat her opponent in the school board race. They haven't really thought enough to realise that if she had won the appeal, we'd have no candidate opposing the guy they all hate so much.