Monday, August 06, 2007

The End Of Anonymity

Haven't posted much recently, due to other obligations.

However, a post from about a week ago provoked a number of comments. They were rather silly, but I am getting rather tired of anonymous little weasels who cast aspersions yet lack the courage and/or integrity to sign their names. Of course, I have railed elsewhere against the type of cowardly, anonymous smears that are as nearly as common in the blogosphere as pornography is on the rest of the Internet, i.e., the Number One business.

So I've gone and done it. Henceforth, if one wishes to comment, one must sign one's name. If you are afraid to do so, well, then, you can just spread your bile elsewhere.

If you therefore can't comment, well, then, good riddance to bad garbage.

UPDATE: Well, it's nice to see that at least one person agrees. For those few of you who care, recognize that this decision is made in recognition of the fact that fairly regular, respectful, entertaining commenters like "MOM," for "Marty's Oversized Melon" (respectful to me, anyway), may no longer be able to comment. That is a loss. Sadly, the scum of the anonymous blogosphere tends to outweigh --- or at least outshout --- the good.