Sunday, August 26, 2007

Banned For Insufficient Moonbattery

It seems that The Richmond Democrat is updating his blogroll to remove The Daily Whackjob from the blogroll listing those on "the Left."

The sin of those from DWJ? According to TRD, "the owner and contributors of 'The Daily Whackjob' served as useful idiots and then did everything they could to shift the blame for their role."

I don't know what "their role" was, but equating the ODBA with the freaky perverts of NAMBLA seems to have been a project of Joe Stanley (primarily), with an assist from Ben, but with no aid from DWJ. DWJ's sin really seems to have been that its contributors condemned this stunt with vigor, rather than the "Move along; nothing to see here" attitude of most of those on the Left side of the Virginia blogosphere.

I know that this is probably anathema to the blogosphere, but frankly, it would be refreshing if the adults on both sides asserted themselves to end the carnage.

The perpetrators of this stunt should be political poison to anyone who associates with them. Equating Conservatives with NAMBLA is so far beyond the pale that it virtually defies one's ability to condemn it. Rendering them political pariahs strikes me as the most appropriate --- and effective --- response. Just as political operatives who attempt to enlist the criminal justice system to kneecap their political enemies should be ostracized, so should those who violate simple rules of decency to demonize their political opponents.

As David Ben-Gurion once commented, "Forgive, but never forget."

Moreover, threats of legal action strike me as empty, with little chance of success. While it violates my "union's" rules to recognize it, it is a stone-cold fact that not every wrong can be righted by litigation. Particularly in the rough and tumble arena of the blogosphere.

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