Friday, August 17, 2007

Demonstrating The Non-Existent Values Of The Far Left

More moral relativism from our friends on the far Left, skewed even by their "standards": from Lowell, one of the chief lunatics at Ranting Kids ... er, Raising Dough ... er, Raising Kaine, we're offered this little gem:
China's government undoubtedly does some nasty things in its own country and around the world, but it's certainly not Nazi Germany.
Gee, Lowell, you're right. After all, the Communist dictators of China make Adolf Hitler look like a piker, when one compares their relative accomplishments as mass murderers.

I suppose Lowell subscribes to the old Red creed "No enemies to the Left!"


Lowell said...

China's trying to take over the world? They've got extermination camps and are murdering millions of people? They've got an ideology of Chinese supremacy? And literally, they ARE Nazi Germany? So who's Hitler in that analogy? Right, there isn't a "Hitler" in China, because it is NOT Nazi Germany! By the way, I thought Frank Wolf was arguing that the Islamic extremists were the "Nazis." Now it's China too? Who's next? Crazy.

Lowell said...

Also, for the record, I have thought for a LONG time now that China is a nasty, brutal, regime. Among other things - and you'll like this one, James - it denies its workers the RIGHT TO ORGANIZE! It also abuses human rights and the environment. So no, I don't like them one bit - from a PROGRESSIVE point of view. But do you really believe that boycotting an Olympics is going to get China to change its behavior in the world? Puh-leeze. If we're serious, let's stop buying Chinese products. Oh wait, we can't do that because our economy would shut down? Hmmm, now what?

James Young said...

Lowell, it is readily apparent that you know little about China, or Chinese Communist history, or Communist ideology, for that matter. Ever here of the gulag? The "Cultural Revolution"? In fact, there is an "ideology of Chinese supremacy.

And what is it with you and "the RIGHT TO ORGANIZE!"? Apparently, you've got it into your little, ill-informed head that someone, somewhere in this country is denied the "RIGHT TO ORGANIZE!" 'Tis a pity that you confuse the privilege of monopoly bargaining, the obligation to be listened to, and the power of union officials to coerce workers with the "RIGHT TO ORGANIZE!" News flash, Lowell: even Virginia public employees have the "RIGHT TO ORGANIZE!" It appears in the First Amendment, and like provisions of the Virignia Constitution. Virginia lawmakers have just not been stupid enough to confuse the right to speak with the right to be listened to, and given public employee unions a privileged status in the debate over scarce public resources.

As for Frank Wolf's suggestion, much as I respect the man and his work on behalf of human rights, I agree that it's not a good idea. Nevertheless, it is NOT because Communist China compares favorably with Nazi Germany, as you suggest in your post. Quite the contrary.

Lowell said...

"Communist China compares favorably with Nazi Germany"

What a bizarre comment. How the right-wing mind could come up with a statement like that is beyond me. Communist China is a nasty, brutal, thuggish regime. All I said was that they're not Nazi Germany. You can try to twist my words all you want, call me a "far left winger" or whatever other nonsense, but it doesn't make it so. And yes, by the way, I've read a great deal on Communist China, the "Cultural Revolution," etc. What's your point, if any? Are you saying that today's China hasn't changed at all since the day of Mao? And I'M the one who knows "little about China?!?" Ha!

Charles said...

Well, Lowell, while I don't necessarily respect your opinions, I do think you are not an idiot.

An idiot could certainly say that Communist China is not Nazi Germany. I asked my two kids, and both were confused, because it was so obvious that China was NOT germany that they assumed I was trying to make a comparison between the countries.

So I presume that you were also trying to compare the two countries. And by your statement "is not Nazi Germany", in the context you used it, it seems rational that you were comparing Communist China FAVORABLY against Nazi Germany, suggesting it wasn't as BAD as Nazi Germany.

If you are now claiming that your entire point was that Germany and China are different countries, that is something so many people know that I hardly understand why anybody would waste their time reading your "insight" on the matter.

BTW, Canada is not Cambodia. Not that it matters, but just in case you think that's important.

James Young said...

Yes, Lowell, and just because you declare my rather self-evident understanding of your comment to be "bizarre" "doesn't make it so." Quite the contrary. Just as your denial of "far Left wing" status does not make it so. It's not that I don't understand your denials; after all, being associated with the far Left is not too desirable, what, with all that mass murder in its history, as well as the miserable failure of Socialism as an ideology, let alone the failure of socialists in the American ballot box.

And "my point?" as if you don't understand it, is that Communist China is QUITE similar to Nazi Germany, and remains so. Tiananmen Square was not that long ago, after all. Just because you deny that it is still the same regime --- again, self-evidently; there has been no revolution or change in government --- doesn't make it so, either.

And thanks, Charles. LOL.

Lowell said...

Sooooo, let's follow your "logic," using the word very loosely. You claim that China is as bad (at least) as Nazi Germany. That implies that China is one of the greatest threats this country faces. And THAT implies we should take strong action against Nazi, China, up to and including war. Yet all Frank Wolf can come up with is a boycott of the Olympic games - GAMES! - in Beijing? Oh wow, I'm sure the Chinese Communist thugs are shaking in their jackboots. What a joke.