Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Gill-Haters Outraged; Electorate Yawns

As I read more and more of the mostly-anonymous/pseudonymous commentary attacking Tom Kopko's decision rejecting Julie Lucas' effort to reverse the results of the 51st District Republican Convention....

Well, OK. It really doesn't attack Kopko's decision. It attacks, variously, Kopko, Gill, and anyone who has bothered to read (or authored) the various governing Party Plans. The decision itself hasn't been "attacked" at all, since it is virtually unassailable.

Nevertheless, I'm reminded of a comment that Judge Robert Bork made at the Federalist Society's 1988 Student Convention, held in Charlottesville. I had occasion to attend, as the Emory chapter's president (one of my professors told me upon my return to Atlanta that he had spent the weekend watching me on C-SPAN in the foreground as Bork spoke).

One of the comments that Bork made at his keynote dinner address was to quote former Hampden-Sydney political science professor Jim McClellan, who observed that those attacking Bork "aren't Liberals, really. I don't know what they are. Nihilists, maybe?"

Yeah. That works.

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