Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thank You For Conceding The Point

Among the more ridiculous claims of the far Left/radical homosexual agenda is the notion that limiting marriage to one man and one woman is unfairly discriminatory because, after all, homosexuals are "born that way," and can't help but practice their perversion.

Well, professional obligations took me to the Bay Area late last week, and as I was leaving my hotel to catch an early flight back on Saturday, I picked up my copy of the local paper, which was touting the upcoming "Gay Pride" festivities occurring this weekend.

"Pride"!?!?!? Sorry, but my impression always has been that "pride" is something one takes in one's accomplishments, what one achieves, not that which is beyond one's control. Hence, there is a conceptual problem with taking "pride" in one's skin color, or one's sex (male or female), or one's national origin, since one has no choice in such matters.

Come to think of it, those who advocate "gay pride" are doing the rest of us the courtesy of giving lie to the notion that homosexuality and homosexual behavior are something other than choices. Choices which society is therefore entitled to condemn.

Thank you for conceding the point.

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Terry M said...

So I guess you're not proud to be an American..or a Christian then?? Nice to see you still like to write about the queer folk. We appreciate the attention!