Saturday, June 09, 2007

Creative Liar Smears Faisal Gill

Anyone who reads Greg Letiecq's tackily-named website is familiar with the psychotically-creative rantings of Jonathan Mark.

Well, Mark also runs his own smearsite, and has now given evidence that he will stop at nothing to indulge his anti-Muslim racism.

I'm not a fan of Islam, by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly can respect devout practitioners of any faith who seek to pursue their American dream as citizens of our constitutional republic. That is one reason why I am proud to call Faisal a friend, and respect him.

However, Mark clearly questions the loyalties of any American Muslim, particularly those who dare to present themselves for public service. His latest rant against Faisal can't even get the facts straight. As I expect that he will alter it once his carelessness is exposed, I note here that he states that Faisal "spoke at the 12/17/06 Muslim Public Affairs Council along with controversial LA sheriff Lee Baca."

Now, Mark does not favor us with a report of Faisal's actual comments, but relies --- as usual --- on his characteristic guilt by association, noting that a Muslim radical from Switzerland also spoke at the conference. To support his assertion, Mark quotes at length from an article in the "Hawaii Free Press." It was reprinted in the Hawaii Reporter, a wonderful Conservative website run by an editor with whom I have had a few friendly e-mail exchanges over the years (she covered a case I had there a few years back)

The problem? The article cited by Mark is dated "1/16/2006 8:34:49 PM," clearly demonstrating that the conference at which Gill spoke occurred in 2005, not 2006.

Now perhaps Mark would have a point if he could cite even a single questionable comment by Gill. But, as usual, Mark favors us with nothing more complex that his racist rantings.

UPDATE: Poor Jonathan Mark doesn't like his racism exposed, so he has dubbed me a "race hustler." Considering the source, I consider it a mark of honor. He also asks "What provoked this outbust [sic]?" The short answer to his question is "Your racism and incompetence."

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