Sunday, June 17, 2007

Paranoia Not A Good Quality For A Public Officeholder

What is it about Maureen Caddigan? Right after I'm able to pull the lever for her in a GOP primary, she goes and says something incredibly silly that makes me wonder if I made a mistake.

Today's outrage is her charge in the Washington Post Prince William Extra claiming that BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart "worked to defeat her in the primary." (Now linked; thanks to Charles.)

Caddigan is quoted as saying that "I think he did everything in his power to work against me."

Think again, Maureen. Now, I'm very enthusiastic about Corey. I think he's a good Chairman, an immeasurable improvement over his predecessor. You might remember him: he's the guy who Maureen opposed when he ran against a Democrat incumbent in 1999. I have reason to believe that he respects my opinion. We speak fairly regularly. Corey knows I live in the Dumfries District. He also knows that Maureen and I have had our differences over the years.

In short, Corey has every reason to believe that I would seriously consider voting for any serious Republican candidate against Maureen. He might even be right.

And I can say unequivocally that Corey said nothing to me about the candidate running against Maureen in the GOP primary.

This is not the first time that Maureen Caddigan has allowed paranoia to slip into her public pronouncements. Waaaaay back in 1994, when the Youngs purchased their first (and current) home in Montclair, Maureen was quoted in the local media as saying that we had done so in order that I might run against her for Dumfries District Supervisor.

The problem? It was untrue in every way possible. The Youngs bought a home in Montclair because it was a nice home, purchased from my boss's assistant and her husband. We got a great deal, walking into considerable equity. It was right around the corner from two colleagues and their wives, including one couple who are now the godparents of our sons. And I have never had any interest in running for the Board of County Supervisors.

My understanding is the rumor was some silliness started by Republican activist Jim Lassiter. He did it for grins, and Maureen bought it hook, line, and sinker.

'Fact is, I never seriously considered voting for Maureen's opponent in this year's primary. He never called me, and did nothing in his campaign to impress me. And I told Maureen precisely that when I spoke to her at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor last weekend.

And what supports Maureen's claims, other than her own imagination? Well, the report quotes an anonymous "person active in the county Republican Party" who "disputed Stewart's assertion that he didn't support Brewer," Caddigan's opponent. There's even a letter in the Prince William Extra in which William A. "Tony" Thrall --- no one I've ever even heard of, though there is an "Eileen F. Thrall," a Dumfries realtor listed in VPAP records who has contributed to Democrat Hilda Barg --- makes similar claims.

However, to someone who has been dubious about Caddigan in the past, it is quite clear that Caddigan's accusations have no merit. If they were true, Stewart and his supporters did a singularly poor job of organizing and recruiting people to oppose Caddigan's re-nomination. They never bothered to contact the Youngs, or anyone else known to us, notwithstanding very reason to believe that they might receive a favorable hearing.

It would certainly be refreshing if Maureen would show the same loyalty to the party and its nominees that she has received in the past. And would work for the GOP, rather than against it and its principles and leaders.

UPDATE: Charles comments on the story here. Great title.


Anonymous said...

"I think he did everything in his power to work against me."

That would have included Stewart publicly endorsing Brewer, actively campaigning for and with him, etc. Stewart did none of those things.

James Young said...

I guess my point, perhaps inelegantly made, was that not only did Stewart not do any of the things you mention, he did not even do those surreptitious things which might have made some sense.

I wish I could explain Maureen's actions as other than an effort at cheapshot politics, probably brought on by Corey's failure to support her renomination. And as someone who has NEVER worked for the GOP when it didn't suit her purposes, she really has no reason to complain, and certainly no reason to tell tales.