Saturday, June 02, 2007

Despicable Democrat

Came across this post, in which a Virginia blogger savages a Chicago woman for drunk driving. Now, this woman committed a crime. But the sad fact is that it is a fairly common crime. Many are caught driving drunk. Some get away with it, even when they kill someone (think: Teddy Kennedy). But what makes it of interest to "Howling Latina"?

Turns out the woman is Justice Scalia's daughter. So, of course, this is an opportunity to savage a conservative. Of course, how Justice Scalia is responsible for his daughter's wrong is not explained.

I've had dealings with two of Justice Scalia's sons --- both lawyers --- over the years. They're great guys. Another of his sons is a Catholic priest. This particular daughter is not as prominent as they are. Indeed, I had never heard of her before I saw this post.

It seems that she is being held up to public ridicule for no reason other than the fact that she is the daughter of a prominent Conservative.

Howling Latina is despicable. I would like to have sad so on her website. But it appears that she doesn't allow comments from me.

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