Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"I Am Shocked --- Shocked! --- That There's Gambling Going On Here."

Well, Greg Letiecq over at BVBL is at it again.

He hates Faisal Gill, probably because Faisal's law firm has had the temerity to represent Steve Chapman in a lawsuit seeking remedies against the original BVBL and/or Greg for slandering/libeling Chapman. A lawsuit which, by the way, still proceeds notwithstanding uninformed Blogosphere rantings about its lack of merit (in my experience, meritless lawsuits are frequently --- though not always --- dismissed very early on). So he has done everything he can to savage Faisal, and anyone associated or possibly associated with Faisal.

Today, it's because --- among other things --- Tom Kopko called for unity at last night's Prince William County Republican Committee meeting. Tom briefly reported on the status of Julie Lucas' appeal from the results of the 51st District Republican Convention, at which Faisal Gill was narrowly nominated as the GOP standard-bearer for November. He notes that "Tom Kopko, in his role as the sole member of the 51st District Committee is being as exhaustive as possible in considering the Julie Lucas appeal, and hasn’t rendered a decision on the appeal at this point."

'Cept, as usual, Greg omits important facts. Like the fact that Tom reported that his decision is being delayed because of the fact that two observers --- one from RPV, and Eleventh Congressional District Chairman and Lucas-supporter Becky Stoeckel --- have not yet provided him with requested reports. One has to read the comments to learn this little, yet pertinent fact, though I know that Greg was in the room when Kopko pointed this out.

Greg talks as though being "as exhaustive as possible" is somehow a bad thing. Yet he has previously savaged Kopko for his lack of attention to detail, while not being particularly meticulous in practicing it himself.

Given the alignments here, one has to wonder why Tom hasn't received the reports he has requested? Is it because Lucas' appeal is meritless, as I believe it to be? A conspiracy-theorist could conclude that Stoeckel is failing to provide her report so she can allow Kopko to be savaged by people like Greg.

Of course, why should applying a consistent standard get in the way of his political goals? Particularly when it gets in the way of a good rant? As Charles rightly points out, Greg was effusive in his comments about Kopko ... when he "wasn't trying to discredit Tom to help Lucas get elected." Or, more accurately, to destroy Faisal Gill.

It's really too bad. Greg has apparently gained a significant readership among those in the minority in the GOP, people who are either too blind or too foolish to recognize that --- probably lacking any legal merit in his arguments --- he is lashing out against one of those who is calling him to account for his own irresponsibility.

I guess bitterness sells among a certain segment. Particularly among those --- like the majority of Greg's commenters and probably his readers --- who are too timid and cowardly to put their names on their critiques and smears. Or worse yet: those whose sleazy tactics have made them persona non grata among respectable Republican circles.

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