Friday, June 01, 2007

Hampden-Sydney Institution Retires

Just got an e-mail on this from the alma mater:

Mrs. Erlene Bowman, Head Cashier at the Hampden-Sydney College Bookstore, was honored at a retirement party on May 30. Mrs. Bowman has been at Hampden-Sydney for 42 years.

For generations of Hampden-Sydney students, Erlene Bowman has been the face of the Bookstore. Through multiple managers and locations, Erlene has been the constant. Her friendly smile and sincere concern for the well being of the thousands of young men with whom she has interacted during Bookstore transactions and the hundreds who have sought her out when they just wanted to talk are long remembered and for many alumni and students represent what they appreciate most about Hampden-Sydney College.

Dr. Walter M. Bortz III, President of the College wishes Erlene well.

The amazing thing about Erlene (as all who knew her called her) was her memory. She greets old alums such as myself by name when we go into the bookstore on the occasional visit. Even more amazingly, she remembers my children and their names as well. On one occasion, I went in to buy a few logo soup bowls, and she wanted to make sure that I had enough for the whole family.

Generations of Hampden-Sydney men doubtless wish her nothing but the best.

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