Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Will PWC Board Adopt A Stupid Idea?

I received this from the NRA-ILA just a few minutes ago.

Prince William County Board of Supervisors to

Consider Proposal to Ban Hunting with Buckshot, Today!
Your help is needed immediately, Tuesday April 18!

Virginia Prince William County of Board of Supervisors is meeting at 2:45 p.m. today to consider banning the use of buckshot, commonly used in hunting.

Please immediately contact members of the Board of Supervisors below and
strongly encourage them to oppose this anti-hunting measure.

Virginia's Hunting Heritage is at Stake!

Prince William County Board of Supervisors

Chairman At-Large

Sean T. Connaughton

Phone: (703) 792-4640

E-mail: sconnaughton@pwcgov.org

Brentsville District

Wally Covington

Phone: (703) 792-6190

E-mail: wcovington@pwcgov.org

Coles District

Martin E. Nohe

Phone: (703) 792-4620

E-mail: mnohe@pwcgov.org

Dumfries District

Maureen S. Caddigan, Vice Chairman

Phone: (703) 792-4645

E-mail: mcaddigan@pwcgov.org

Gainesville District

John T. Stirrup, Jr.

Phone: (703) 792-6195

E-mail: gainesville@pwcgov.org

Neabsco District

John D. Jenkins

Phone: (703) 792-4668

E-mail: jjenkins@pwcgov.org

Occoquan District

Corey A. Stewart

Phone: (703) 792-4643

E-mail: cstewart@pwcgov.org

Woodbridge District

Hilda M. Barg

Phone: (703) 792-4646

E-mail: hbarg@pwcgov.org

UPDATE: Well, the follower(s) who lack respect for their betters and have little to offer but hate campaigns have decided to attack again. I guess he/she/they don't understand the difference between "professional due diligence" owed by professionals and the need to take action when politicians are about to vote on something. Alas, the difference between the theory and practice of public policy, leavened with a little attack upon the guardians of the Second Amendment.

UPDATE 2: The measure passed, with Supervisors Stewart and Stirrup voting against. The Washington Examiner has a story on it, as does the Potomac News. It seems that, contrary to the bloviations (and gratuitous attacks) of some, it wasn't just an issue upon which a public hearing was scheduled, but rather, a substantive vote.