Monday, April 24, 2006

Hal Parrish is In

According to Ben Tribbett, Hal Parrish will enter the race to succeed his father as Delegate for the 50th District. As I noted over there, from things that I have heard over the years, but NOT published (and won't) this could be a very nasty race. Of course, much depends upon whether the slanderous types apply the same standard to Hal --- or more accurately, character assassinations against Hal --- as they have to a certain former GOP primary candidate.

I also agree with Ben, from the GOP perspective, that Jackson Miller is still favored to win, though I suspect that I feel more strongly about it than Ben does. As I understand it, Miller is the more Conservative of the two, and the strongly showing by Steve Chapman in the 2005 primary demonstrates that GOP voters in the 50th do not want a representative who can be rolled by a Democrat Governor to raise unnecessarily their taxes. As much as everyone revered Hal's father, Hal is no Harry Parrish. I certainly don't believe that he rises (or descends) to the level of Winston Churchill's son (about whom one English commentator noted, upon learning that his cancer surgery removed only a benign growth, "'Tis a pity. They removed the only part of him that isn't malignant."). However, Hal is widely reputed to have some baggage.