Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jackson Miller LiveChat

The Official Trash Steve Chapman site is bragging about conducting a live chat with Jackson Miller, a candidate to finish the term of Harry Parrish in the House of Delegates.

Everything I've heard about Miller indicates he's a superior candidate. Met him once, and could easily support him (for what my support as a resident of Jeff Frederick's district is worth).

However, Miller's association with that site should give people pause. Its vile, gratuitous, and unattributed attacks on Chapman --- whether true or not; whether justified or not --- should cause a serious man like Miller to avoid association with it. That he chooses to ... well, I was under the impression that he's better than that.

UPDATE: Well, it's been cancelled/postponed. One can only hope that Jackson Miller came to his sense about those with whom he was about to associate.