Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Represent the Finest People in the World

The post below notes my intention to blog only lightly. But I just had an experience that, within the confines of the attorney-client privilege, makes the existence of this blog particularly useful.

I am in the LA region on business. Given that I have some clients in cases other than the one for which I traveled here, I thought it a good opportunity to meet with them, and asked them to set up a meeting. They did, at a hotel. When I arrived (15 minutes late; I've traveled from the second-worst traffic in the nation to the worst), we went into a conference room.

After a very good meeting, as I was leaving, I asked if they had paid for the room. They hadn't yet, so I offered to do so, as part of the Foundation-provided free legal representation. They absolutely refused, and forbade me from doing so.

I don't charge my clients a fee, and these were rather low-wage workers. But they wouldn't let me pay for the room. They wanted to make a contribution. You know: other than standing up against a labor union, putting their jobs at risk with a potentially hostile employer, and a frequently indifferent and/or hostile adjudicative body.

Like I said: I am privileged to represent the finest people in the world.