Saturday, April 08, 2006

Harris Miller: Closet Republican?

Ben Tribbett (who is Not Larry Sabato) reports that Democrat Harris Miller's PAC, which is apparently mostly or partially controlled by Miller, has contributed most of its funds to GOP candidates over the years. Miller is running against former Reagan SecNav Jim Webb for the Democrat nomination to face George Allen in the fall. Ben has endorsed Webb in the Democrat primary.

I understand and appreciate Ben's dismay. I would share it were the partisan concerns reversed as it offends --- as it apparently does Ben's --- sense of partisan hygiene. Those who seek a partisan nomination bear a higher burden to support (and have supported) the party's candidates, whether Democrat, or Republican.

I think Harris Miller would be a much easier opponent for George Allen to dispatch. But, were I a partisan Democrat, I would find the facts related by Ben to be very difficult to justify.

On the other hand, saying that Harris Miller supported Republicans may be the nicest thing Ben's ever said about Miller.