Saturday, April 15, 2006

Isn't That Special?

OH BOY! OH BOY! OH BOY! I have a stalker!

It seems that the children (or child) who contribute[s] to and read(s) the official Trash Steve Chapman website have found me worthy of a parody.

It's very flattering. And I give these bozos credit for coming up with the correct name. To the extent that I observe and comment upon their activities and behavior, I am --- most assuredly --- a "Septic Tank Observer." I leave it to you, Gentle Reader, to discern the nature of that which I am observing.

'Course, it's a little funny that those who attempt to dismiss and belittle me spent soooo much time in setting up and posting to a site attacking me. It belies their assertion of my irrelevance.

UPDATE: Vince and his readers find it funny, even though the thread has been hijacked by those seeking to trash Marty Nohe (when have we sparred recently, Marty?). Figures. I guess a juvenile should be expected to demonstrate a juvenile sense of humor.

UPDATE 2: The genius behind the slander-site has a really great thread here. Not a single person with the guts to attach his name to his slanders.

It's an interesting strategy: set yourself up as an opponent to someone whose accomplishments and record make yours pale in comparison (hence, his pseudonymity), belittle and misrepresent the nature and content of virtually anything your opponent says, and then dismiss him as mentally ill.

Childish, but interesting.