Thursday, October 20, 2005

You Really Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Turns out the boys and girls at RaisingKaine are up to their old tricks of Democrat/Socialist double standards. This one's a two-fer.

First, they attack Bob McDonnell because, it turns out, his former campaign manager is a pedophile, convicted of a crime against a child five years after he managed a McDonnell campaign. Now, I'm no McDonnell fan (I supported Steve Baril for the GOP nomination), but could someone please explain how something that happened five years after his association with the pervert is supposed to hurt McDonnell?

And weren't these the same guys who defend Earnie Porta, who was himself found liable in a workplace discrimination lawsuit? In fact, didn't they misrepresent the record by claiming that Porta was "completely innocent of any wrongdoing"? Yep. It sure was.

Then there's the "Taliban Bob" smear of the post.

Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't these the same guys who screamed foul over an accurate reference in a Jerry Kilgore advertisement by an average citizen who references Tim Kaine's apparent belief that even Adolf Hitler was not worthy of the death penalty? Oops! You just have to scroll down a little on the same page to find out that this is true.

Matter of fact, let's just do a little word substitution on the sanctimonious boobery that passes for commentary on the issue over at Raising Kaine:
Thankfully, it now looks like the [far-Left Democrat campaign to equate Conservatives with the Taliban] ad has begun to backfire, at least among [Christian and Muslim] leaders in Virginia. [In the middle of] the ... Holy [Month] of [Ramadan], Imam Mohammed Hussein of the [Al Aqsa Mosque] in Alexandria called it “demeaning and morally repugnant.” [Saddam Arafat], the Council on American-Islamic Relations'] regional director for the office that covers Virginia said that the [far-Left smear] ad is “inappropriate and insensitive, and, as part of a discussion of the [political debate] in the Commonwealth of Virginia, trivialize the horrors of the [Taliban].” [Yassir Sadat] of Richmond, the former president of [the Muslim Brotherhood], said that the [far-Left smears] went “beyond the pale” and was “strategically timed to run [during Ramadan].” Finally, [Imam Ruhollah Khomeini] of [Martyr's Congregation] in Richmond pointed out that “Bandying [[the Taliban's perversion of the Koran]] about is an affront to those who really know [the Taliban]. We know the real [Talibans] of the world.”


So how badly, if at all, does the [Muslim] community’s outrage at the [far-Left smear] hurt [Democrats] politically? That’s a tough question. First, the [Muslim] population of Virginia is small, at just 66,000 (out of 7.1 million). On the other hand, [Muslims] generally vote in high percentages and this ad could prompt a larger-than-expected [Muslim] turnout on November 8. In a close election, which this one is shaping up to be, a few thousand votes could make all the difference. If so, the [far-Left "Taliban" smears] actually could be a factor - but not the way that [Democrats] intended it to be — 24 days from now.

Second, there are many Virginians who, although not [Muslim] themselves, have [Muslim] friends and relatives. Many of these people probably haven’t been following the Kaine-Kilgore contest much (or at all), and many probably weren’t even planning to vote on November 8. My guess is that the [far-Left "Taliban" smear] may have grabbed their attention, and that some of those people - how many, I don’t know - will now feel motivated to vote on November 8. Unfortunately for the [Democrats], I strongly doubt that many of these people will be voting for the [candidates supported by the] perpetrator[s] of the [far-Left "Taliban" smear]!

Third, millions of Virginians have learned about the [Taliban] in school, or through visits to the [Pentagon and site of the World Trade Center]. They know what [the Taliban] actually did [and supported], not just [allowing terrorists to train in their country], but also [engaging in genuine oppression of women, setting codes for men's appearances and family relations, preventing women from going to school, and destroying centuries-old religious sites]. They know that the [Taliban] is not, in any way, shape or form, relevant to the issue of [the Republican agenday for] the 21st century United States of America. There is certainly a risk that many Virginians will recoil at the utter absurdity of [the far Left and their mouthpieces at Raising Kaine], bringing the [Taliban] into a race for Governor of Virginia. If not, they certainly should. We’ll see.

Finally, there is the potential “backlash against the backlash” factor. Could there be a closet [anti-Islamic] vote in Virginia, now energized due to the [Islamic] leaders’ criticism of the [far-Left Taliban smear]? I certainly hope that’s not the case, but you never know.

By the way, I find it highly interesting that the [far-Left] has not pulled the [posts] from the[ir sites], yet [the Kaine campaign] is simultaneously attempting to distance itself from the reference to [the Taliban]. According to [Kaine] spokesman [Dewey Cheatham], “The sentiments uttered by Mr. [Feld] were his own.”

Oh. I see. So now [Raising Kaine]’s going to try and weasel out of this one too, huh? It’s all [Lowell Feld]’s fault, right? (sorry, but it was the [Raising Kaine website] that put the despicable [reference on its website and kept it there]) And by the way, isn’t [Feld] Jewish? (apparently so, but is that relevant in any way?) []

The bottom line here is that the [Raising Kaine website], with it’s reprehensible ["Taliban" smear], has gone way, WAY beyond the bounds of decency. As if all the othe reasons for opposing [Democrats] weren’t enough, this one should seal the deal. Hey, maybe someone should ask [Bob Beckel] — [Walter Mondale]’s top political strategist, now facing possible criminal charges in the [whoremongering] case — what HE thinks of the [far-Left "Taliban" smear].

Democrats and double standards. Puuuuuhfect together!


Anonymous said...
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James Young said...

Anon 1:26 --- I've deleted your post, and here's why. There's apparently some bozo in the blogosphere trying to drum up some kind of criticism against Dave Albo for being soft on pedophilia. I don't know whether it's true or not. Never had much use for Albo because of some of his associations. But as long as I control this little corner of the Internet, no coward who makes such charges against anyone will do so anonymously.

You want to put your name on it --- feel free to repost it. Otherwise, just shut up!

Pauline said...

According to [Kaine] spokesman [Dewey Cheatham], “The sentiments uttered by Mr. [Feld] were his own.”

Could you provide a link or tell me where you found that? Thanks.

Anyways, the only other comment I have to make is that the infamous "Hitler" ad is up on factcheck, and that according to factcheck (which Dick Cheney seems to think is a decent source, or is that .com? :D), the Hitler ad was an outright lie.

Are you going to go after other liberal blogs too, or are you just jealous of Raising Kaine?

Anonymous said...

Is there an e-mail address we can use to get something to you without going through the blog?

James Young said...

Pauline, obviously, you don't recognize parody when you see it. What is even more interesting is that you fail to recognize that this is a mere substitution in the body of a post at Raising Kaine. Outright lie? Funny, the RTD doesn't seem to think so, and every comment from Kaine that I hear on the issue sounds like (a) a lawyer's answer, which fails to acknowledge the unreviewable discretion of the Governor to issue pardons and commutations; or (b) a failure to live the courage of his convictions. If he were really morally opposed to the death penalty, he would commute the sentence of every one on death row as Governor. And you know what? I'd probably respect him more if he'd say he'd do just that. The problem is, he wants to pander to pro-Lifers and Catholics while maintaining his viability as a candidate.

And jealous? Not much, though perhaps of the numbers of your readership.

Anon 8:24 --- Link to my profile. It links to my e-mail address.