Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Meltdown at RaisingKaine

The boys and girls over at Raising Kaine are having a meltdown over Jerry Kilgore's very effective and accurate advertisements over Tim Kaine's intellectual chaos over the death penalty.

When their "outrage" is that contrived, you must be on to something.

Chad Dotson has a good discussion of the controversy here. The number of comments alone demonstrate the effectiveness of the Kilgore ad.


marty's oversized melon said...

Kilgore's recent ads will prove to be a great move for him and will win him A LOT of votes. Any Protestant or Evangelical south of the Rappohannock will see these ads EXACTLY the way that Kilgore wants them to... as an attack on the principles, leadership and members of the so-called catholic church. And you know what? They are EATING IT UP! Southern Virginians love the idea that one of their own is saying aloud what no candiate dare say: that Roman Catholics are pro-crime, not truly Christians and anti-American.

The support crime because the Italian Mafia, the Irish Drunkards and the Mexican Illegal Aliens stuff the collection plate every Sunday making the pope richer but making it impossible for the pope to oppose their criminal activites.

The are not truly Christians because the read a false version of the Lord's Holy Book, the King James Bible; because they worship a statue of our Lord hanging on a cross, rather than worshiping our Savior; because the have created a false Goddess claiming that Our Lord's mother is equal to her son and that the whore Mary Magdeline was an associate, or even the bride, of our dear sweet Jesus.

The are anti-American because they swear allegience to a European King that they call "His Holiness" rather than pledging their allegience to the great stars and stripes of these United States of America.

Kilgore may have given up the votes of the idolitors er, Catholics. But he now has secured the vote of every true Christian soldier in Viginia and that is a good thing for ALL OF US!

Ben Tribbett said...

James: Off Topic- you asked about those sign limit rules a while ago. I just found the short WaPo article on it from last year when the GA changed the law:

ACLU Warns Against Political Sign Limits

With the presidential race and some local campaigns underway, the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has warned localities against enforcing time restrictions on privately posted political campaign signs.

The state ACLU said yesterday that it sent letters to all 323 local governments in Virginia, reminding them that the General Assembly passed a law protecting the right of individuals to post campaign signs on their land. The law took effect July 1.

Kent Willis, executive director of the Virginia ACLU, said the statute "really does nothing more than codify the First Amendment right to post a sign with a political message on your property whenever you wish and for as long as you like."

"Now, however, when a local official tells someone to take down a campaign sign, the ACLU will not have to explain the Supreme Court rulings on the subject and then threaten a lawsuit," Willis said.

Willis said that in the last year, his group threatened to sue after Farmville and Culpeper residents were ordered to remove campaign signs posted beyond time limits set by the localities -- 30 days before elections in Farmville, 20 days in Culpeper. Both localities backed down, he said.

James Young said...

Ben, you're comparing apples and oranges. I was speaking to contractual restrictions voluntarily entered into, and then violated, through homeowners' associations. I have no dispute with you about the limitations placed upon municipal governments.

As I read the article (I haven't reviewed the legislation), it doesn't and can't impact the right of HOA to enforce their contracts. And while I am usually confident in Kent Willis' ability to get it wrong, 'fact is, he wasn't even talking about the same topic, since HOAs aren't "local officials."