Monday, October 24, 2005

Now, Here's a Huge Surprise

I know you were waiting, and here's the link.

It seems that the Washington [com]Post has come out with its editorial endorsements for statewide office in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I won't make you click on the link to satisfy your curiosity, and I know it will come as a huge surprise, but it seems that the Post has decided decided to break with tradition and endorse .... [drum roll, please] .... the entire Democrat ticket!

The Post even managed to endorse Creigh Deeds, NRA endorsement to the contrary notwithstanding. This is the only real surprise among the endorsements, since the Post is among the worst offenders of those who demonize defenders of the Second Amendment. However, Deeds had little to worry about; the Post's continuing War on the Family virtually guaranteed that the paper would endorse anyone running against someone with Bob McDonnell's strong pro-family credentials.


Ben Kyber said...

Nothing says "pro-family" like employing child-molesters; past, present, or future.

James Young said...

You know, Ben, if you're going to say such stupid things, you really might want to reconsider revealing your identity. Your comment is merely the effort to perpetuate a smear, which is hardly surprising, since you Democrats lack ideas to offer.

And I wonder, are any of the friends of your earny teen years now into drugs, or armed robbery, or rape? Should we hold you responsible if, even though they gave no indication of such inclinations at the time, you were once friends with them?

I really wish I had the ability to know all things about all people, including their future. On second thought, no, I don't.

But if you do, tell somebody. Time Magazine famouly ran a "God is Dead" cover before you were born. Sounds like you can refute it.

Ben Kyber said...

Ok. One question though: How is endorsing Creigh Deeds anti-family?

Last time I checked he's been one of the most ardent fighters for the rights of children and those affected by child support absconders. I mean, really, there is nothing anti-family about endorsing Creigh, even by conservative standards.

James Young said...

It might not be, standing alone, assuming the truth of your statements. And there is the question of whether he is as "ardent" as Bob McDonnell. Of course, as Deeds associates with the pro-homo, pro-abortion Democrat Party, he cannot legitimately be called "pro-family." And, of course, the WaPo's endorsement of him was as part of the Democrat ticket, the default WaPo position.