Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Trouble for Former GOP Candidate

It seems that Debra Ann Wilson has been indicted on six counts of embezzlement of funds of the Woodbridge Senior High School Athletic Boosters Club. The story appeared in yesterday's Potomac News.

County GOP activists will remember that she was the GOP nominee against David Brickley in 1997. She was indicted then and convicted for election fraud, which warranted another story in today's edition. The actions taken against her seem --- to many --- to have been a model for the actions taken against Steve Chapman. Both moved (or claim to have moved) into the district to run for office.

Wilson ran against longtime County GOP activist Salvatore Perchiano for the GOP nomination to run against Brickley, and it was widely considered that her candidacy was an effort by certain GOP Powers That Be to deny Sal the nomination. Sal deserves much of the credit for the GOP surge in the County during the Nineties, when he organized and worked closely with the YRs, was Vice Chairman of the County Committee, and served as Operations Chairman.

If memory serves, Wilson came out of the Tom Davis camp. Of course, she's innocent until proven guilty, and I hope that she's not guilty. However, I would certainly have to reassess my opinion of her were she to be convicted of these charges. I have long thought that she was a victim of people who led her down the garden path, only to abandon her when the going got rough.

Maybe I was too charitable.

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